Analytic infrastructure

For Tritium accountancy TLK has several calorimeters for a wide range of sample sizes and tritium amounts.
The underlying measurement principle is based on the thermal power of 0.324 W/g of tritium released due to its decay.
This thermal power is then measured and by this the amount of tritium is distinguished.
Only after successful accountancy by calorimetry new tritium is allowed to enter the central tritium infra structure.

Inside the lab we have various established analytic systems like liquid scintillation counting, gas chromatography, Raman spectrometer, mas spectrometer, ionisation chambers in combination with accurate determination of gas amounts.
By this we gather precise knowledge about the atomic tritium amount, molecular composition (hydrogen, deuterium and tritium) and additives (e.g. helium 3 and 4, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide).

In addition to this further analytic systems are under investigation and development.