• A Quest for PeVatrons Employing Radio Detection of Extensive Air Showers
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  • A Prototype Radio Detector for the IceCube Surface Enhancement
    PhD dissertation. Renschler, Max
    13.01.2020, KIT, Karlsruhe [doi:10.5445/IR/1000104529]


Journal Articles

  • Simulation study for the IceCube IceTop enhancement with a scintillator array
    Agnieszka Leszczynska and IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration 2019
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    [doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1181/1/012076 ]
  • Detector developments for a hybrid particle and radio array for cosmic-ray air-shower detection
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  • A Scintillator and Radio Enhancement of the IceCube Surface Detector Array
    IceCube Collaboration, Andreas Haungs (KIT, Karlsruhe) for the collaboration. (Mar 11, 2019)
    EPJ Web Conf. 210 (2019) 06009
    Contribution to UHECR 2018, e-Print: 1903.04117 [astro-ph.IM]
  • Neutrino astronomy with the next generation IceCube Neutrino Observatory
    IceCube Collaboration, M.G. Aartsen(Canterbury U.) et al. (Nov 6, 2019)
    e-Print: 1911.02561 [astro-ph.HE]


Conference Proceedings Articles

  • The IceTop Scintillator Upgrade
    Thomas Huber, John Kelley, Samridha Kunwar, and Delia Tosi for the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration
    PoS(ICRC2017)401, []
  • The Scintillator Upgrade of IceTop: Performance of the Prototype Array

    M. Kauer, T. Huber, D. Tosi, C. Wendt and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
    PoS(ICRC2019)309, []

  • Science Case of a Scintillator and Radio Surface Array at IceCube

    F. Schroeder and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
    PoS(ICRC2019)418, []

  • First measurements with prototype radio antennas for the IceTop detector array
    M. Renschler and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
    PoS(ICRC2019)401, []

  • Simulation and Reconstruction Study of a Future Surface Scintillator Array at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory

    A. Leszczyńska, M. Plum and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
    PoS(ICRC2019)332, []



  • Physics Potential of a Radio Surface Array at the South Pole
    The IceCube Gen2 Collaboration; Schröder, F. G.
    2018, Juni. 8th Workshop on Acoustic and Radio EeV Neutrino Detection Activities, Catania, Italy, 12-15 June 2018