Fuel cycle for nuclear fusion

The goal of fusion research is to develop an ecological and economical reasonable energy source for all of mankind.
As fuel a mixture of deuterium and tritium is used which are fused to helium releasing a neutron.
The high amount of released energy is then converted to electricity like in conventional power plants.

The realisation of a Fusion power plant is one of the biggest technological challenges mankind ever faced.
Central point is to keep the plasma burning by magnetic insulation and continuous purification of the plasma.

Only 3% of the injected fusion fuel deuterium and tritium are burned. A fundamental limit is set by 10% of helium ashe which suppresses the fusion reaction. That's why a tritium and deuterium cycle is a crucial part of a fusion power plant.

The development and research of such an efficient and fully closed fuel cycle for tritium and deuterium including the breeding and extraction of tritium from lithium blankets is one of the key funding tasks of the TLK.
By this TLK has a key role in the international fusion research.