The TRitium-DEuterium-HYdrogen facility (TRIHYDE) provides calibration grade gas samples of all six hydrogen isotopologues (H2, HD, D2, HT, DT, T2) in thermal equilibrium over a wide concentration and pressure range.
Using two volume-calibrated vessels, the target concentration is adjusted via the pressure ratio.
To ensure a high initial gas purity, multiple filters are used and decay helium is separated using a Permeator process
TRIHYDE is used to calibrate and characterise different analytical tools deployed and developed at the TLK, e.g. Laser-Raman spectroscopy (LARA) and Beta-Induced X-ray Spectroscopy (BIXS).
Besides hydrogen a range of additional experiments like trace amounts of T2 in He can also be performed.
All tools can be in-situ used to monitor gas-mixing processes and evaluate produced or externally supplied gas samples.
The produced samples can be transferred to other experiments and for example used in tritium-exposure-experiments.